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KENYA AB coffee beans are highly regarded in the specialty coffee world for their exceptional quality and distinct flavor profile. These beans are grown in various regions of Kenya, including Nyeri, Kirinyaga, Murang’a, and Embu, where the high altitude, fertile soils, and favorable climate contribute to their unique characteristics
Cupping Notes: Floral • Citrus • Berries • Hints of Wine Grapes

Altitude: 1400-2000 | Grade: Grade 2 | Cup Score: 79| Process: Washed

How to select your Coffee in 3 easy steps: 
1. Choose a Roast Level from 1-8 (R50 surcharge on any roast level other than No.4 City/Medium or No.5 Full City-Medium Dark)
2. Choose your Grind
3. Choose a bag size


Kenya has a well-established and regulated coffee industry, with strict quality control measures in place. The coffee is processed using the traditional washed method, which involves careful fermentation, washing, and sun-drying. This meticulous processing contributes to the cleanliness and vibrant flavors found in Kenya AB coffee. Overall, Kenya AB coffee beans represent the excellence of Kenyan coffee production, showcasing the country’s commitment to producing exceptional coffees with unique flavor profiles that are cherished by coffee lovers around the world.
Cupping Notes: Floral • Citrus • Berries • Hints of Wine Grapes

Roast Level (1-8)

1.Blonde (Light), 2. New England (Moderate Light), 3.American (Medium Light), 4.City (Medium) POPULAR, 5.Full City (Medium-Dark)POPULAR, 6.Vienna (Moderate Dark), 7. French (Dark Brown), 8. Italian (Dark Roast)


Whole Bean, Espresso (Fine), Aeropress (Fine), Pour Over (Medium), Chemex (Medium), French Press (Course), Percolator (Course), V60 & Moka (Medium Fine)

Bag Size

1kg, 500g, 250g


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