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Rwanda presents its finest coffee, carefully collected from various regions across the country and meticulously graded based on bean size and cup quality. Known as Rwanda Inzovu, this coffee embodies the harmonious characteristics found in Rwandan coffees. It boasts a fuller body compared to many other African coffees while preserving the delightful light flavors that have garnered popularity for African coffee varieties.

Cupping Notes: Orange • Sweet Red Fruit • Dark Chocolate Finish

Altitude: 1400-1900 | Grade: Scr.15+| Cup Score: 83| Process: Washed

How to select your Coffee in 3 easy steps: 
1. Choose a Roast Level from 1-8 (R50 surcharge on any roast level other than No.4 City/Medium or No.5 Full City-Medium Dark)
2. Choose your Grind
3. Choose a bag size


Nestled within the countless hills of Rwanda, a country known as the land of a thousand hills due to its lofty elevation, grows Inzovu. Concealed amidst its landlocked and forested slopes, more than 400,000 dedicated farmers tirelessly cultivate this exquisite Arabica coffee beans. In the native language, Inzovu translates to “elephant,” a name we believe perfectly captures the essence of this exotic and defining coffee. It truly represents the vibrant and exceptional coffees for which Rwanda is renowned.
Cupping Notes: Orange • Sweet Red Fruit • Dark Chocolate Finish

Roast Level (1-8)

1.Blonde (Light), 2. New England (Moderate Light), 3.American (Medium Light), 4.City (Medium) POPULAR, 5.Full City (Medium-Dark)POPULAR, 6.Vienna (Moderate Dark), 7. French (Dark Brown), 8. Italian (Dark Roast)


Whole Bean, Espresso (Fine), Aeropress (Fine), Pour Over (Medium), Chemex (Medium), French Press (Course), Percolator (Course), V60 & Moka (Medium Fine)

Bag Size

1kg, 500g, 250g


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