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Our Premium Ashara House Blend combines the finest coffee beans from Asian and South American regions, skillfully roasted to a City roast level. This blend offers a harmonious fusion of flavours, marrying the unique characteristics of both regions to create a captivating and well-rounded coffee experience. Versatile in brewing methods, this blend adapts beautifully to your preferred style. Whether you opt for a pour-over, French press, or espresso, the Ashara House Blend delivers a consistently delicious cup that embodies the best of both worlds.

Cupping Notes: Brown Sugar • Milk Chocolate • Molasses • Aromatic Spice

Altitude: 950-1900| Grade:Premium | Process: Natural & Washed

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Embrace the fusion of Asian and South American coffee with our Ashara House Blend. Discover the enticing complexity, appreciate the Full City balance of flavours, and elevate your daily coffee ritual with this captivating blend.

Cupping Notes: Brown Sugar • Milk Chocolate • Molasses • Aromatic Spice


Whole Bean, Espresso (Fine), Aeropress (Fine), Pour Over (Medium), Chemex (Medium), French Press (Course), Percolator (Course), V60 & Moka (Medium Fine)

Bag Size

1kg, 500g, 250g

1 review for ASHARA ~ HOUSE BLEND

  1. Lushan (verified owner)

    This blend has got our home smelling like a coffee shop, sweet tasting, aromatic, flavorful…
    I was very pleasantly impressed , that my order had arrived within 24 hours, perfectly packaged and presented… I didn’t expect unboxing to such a good experience, from the presentation, to the beautiful aroma …and the coffee itself is even better.

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